Littleseal Book

The adventures of a Harp seal pup.


Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Morgan Pumphrey has been against the seal ‘fishery’ since her mother, Tephi Duffett, whispered into her childhood ear, “I don’t like the seal hunt, darling.”
After graduation from Memorial University of Newfoundland, she worked as a freelance writer, reporter, and copywriter. Her first radio play, ‘Frozen Spring,’ a fictional piece about the local seal hunt, sold in the early ”70s. Ten year later she stated Newfoundlanders Against the Seal Hunt (NASH) and received letter of encouragement from all over the world, particularly the U.K., where a strong anti-sealing group flourished. When the European Economic Community banned the importation of whitecoat pelts, Morgan and NASH members toasted the closing, with champagne.
But the battle was far from over. With dismay she watched in the early ’90s as the Canadian and Newfoundland governments spent $ millions of taxpayers money promoting the seal hunt, after the failure of Newfoundland’s main money maker–the cod fishery.
Today Morgan finds that a few more local people share her opinion. She’s recently written and published LITTLESEAL, the story of the short, eventful life of a harp seal pub.
For the past 30 years she’s made her home in Quidi Vidi Village, a historic fishing settlement in the capital city. There, sometimes, a winter walk around the rocky shore will be rewarded by a harp seal sighting. Morgan lives with her husband, writer, Ron Pumphrey, who is not, and never has been, against the seal hunt.
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